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Deborah Bates

As a freelance writer, Deborah researches and writes about lots of topics. She also enjoys cooking and travelling around the world.

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How would Scottish independence impact the oil and gas industry? (Blog)


As the date of the Scottish referendum on independence draws ever nearer, speculation over how it would impact the UK as a whole and its myriad industries has been rife - particularly when it comes to how it would affect the nation's oil and gas industry. It's a mixed bag Opinions are certainly divided amongst not only MPs and MSPs, but throughout the industry's workforce, too. If Scotland achieved a 'yes' vote on independence, it would...

Author: Deborah Bates
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Are oil workers scared to speak out about safety? (Blog)


It's been 25 years since the Piper Alpha disaster took the lives of 167 men on an oil production platform in the North Sea, yet many working within the Oil & Gas sector (and those who represent said workers) believe the offshore industry still hasn't learned its lesson when it comes to safety. In fact, some claim that offshore workers are living in fear of being issued with a NRB (not required back) notice and as such,...

Author: Deborah Bates
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North East's oil and gas workforce praised (News)


The hard work undertaken by an oil and gas workforce in England's North East region has been praised by Dennis Clark, the chairman of the OGN Group. The Group was responsible for creating the first bespoke North Sea oil platform made in Britain for a quarter of a century, reports. It was made for an American company, the Apache Corporation and Clark suggested that none of it would have been possible without the hard work...

Author: Deborah Bates
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