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Michael McFadyen

Michael loves to write about a vast range of subjects. When he's not writing, he enjoys going to the gym and watching Louis Theroux documentaries.

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Deep-sea technologies to be used for shale gas drilling (News)


According to a leading global equipment supplier to the drilling industry, deep sea drilling will be the new solution to accessing shale gas supplies. John Pfeiffer, vice president of FMC technologies made the pitch for the use of this technology developed by his company in the North Sea, off the coasts of Brazil and western Africa as operations there continue to recover from the 2010 Macondo deep-sea oil spill. The technologies use tall structures of...

Author: Michael McFadyen
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Total and Shell intend to return to Iran (News)


Oil giants Shell and Total have both expressed a strong interest in tapping into Iran's oil and gas resources, and have stated that it is essential for the world's energy needs, reports. This news came at the Oil & Money conference in London, where the chief executives of both companies highlighted the potential loss if the sanctions preventing oil companies from dealing with Tehran were not lifted. The reopening of the oil rigs...

Author: Michael McFadyen
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