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Paul Smithson

In addition to writing about a range of subjects, Paul is a fan of distance running, cycling and obstacle courses.

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New ECITB Training Standards: towards an adaptable future (Blog)


With the launch of its new Training Standards, the ECITB looks to be emphasising the importance of being agile and adaptable in the modern age. The organisation - the Engineering Construction Industry Training Board - unveiled the new standards earlier this summer and appeared to place a great deal of significance on its ability to be responsive to the needs of both the industry being covered, as well as the people who work in the...

Author: Paul Smithson
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Scottish independence: the oil and gas sector's role as kingmaker (Blog)


The 'yes' and 'no' campaigns for Scottish independence are heading into their final year at the end of this summer. Amid all the emotive talk around the country's desire to govern itself, it is important not to forget how pivotal the Scottish oil and gas sector is to the independence march. Whether you are planning to vote one way or another on September 18th 2014, it is clear that the North Sea cannot be ignored....

Author: Paul Smithson
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ALS hails acquisition of Aberdeen oil and gas firm (News)


The acquisition of Aberdeen-based Reservoir Group will help ALS to expand its services, says the Australian buyer's chief executive. Reservoir specialises in analysing oil and gas discoveries and helping firms to exploit resources to the maximum, reports Following the $533 million (£353 million) acquisition, ALS CEO Greg Kilmister talked up the impact it will have on operations. He said: "Reservoir's specialist services and equipment delivery high margin, technical and patented niche solutions. The business holds...

Author: Paul Smithson
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From the frontline: Dr Gordon Rankine on project management, teaching and travel (Blog)


One of the unforeseen advantages of being a PMP is that one may teach the PMI philosophy, as well as practice it, as Project Management courses and workshops are a world-wide activity for us. I have had the privilege of so doing for some time, longer than I care to remember, and recently, it took me to some new and exciting places. Well, I say exciting, but sometimes there is a perceived danger that...

Author: Paul Smithson
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