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New ECITB Training Standards: towards an adaptable future


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With the launch of its new Training Standards, the ECITB looks to be emphasising the importance of being agile and adaptable in the modern age.

The organisation - the Engineering Construction Industry Training Board - unveiled the new standards earlier this summer and appeared to place a great deal of significance on its ability to be responsive to the needs of both the industry being covered, as well as the people who work in the sector.

It has been heavily reported how a skills gap is developing in the UK (just like in other countries) particularly in areas such as engineering and science. To hear that one of the most important training organisations for technical professionals and project managers is taking steps to future-proof its work is surely a positive step. But how is this being done?


ECITB training is carried out by ECITB-approved training providers like Adept Knowledge, which educates industry professionals on a range of topics. In total, there are more than 40 Training Standards now, some of which will are more manager-oriented courses such as project management qualifications, while others will be more hands-on topics like orbital welding.

What the certification board wants to do is invite training providers to create a bespoke training experience to reach the industry standards released by the ECITB. Essentially, the standard being met is the same across the board, but the way it is taught can vary from place to place.

The update was summed up neatly by Carl Haynes, research and development project manager at the ECITB, who said: "The Training Standards are based on simple principles; define the scope of training, knowledge and understanding required by the learner and allow the Approved Training Provider to deliver the training in the most effective way possible."


As well as potentially being a great way of ensuring that all standards remain completely relevant to the modern form of each sub-sector, it should alert future students to the fact that ideas will be taught in different ways in the many certified training providers across the UK.

If a provider is certified, then that means they are a good educator - that much is clear. However, it may be worth checking out more than one place before signing up, so you can be confident that the way you are being taught is the best for you. Just like the ECITB, engineering industry professionals must aim to be adaptable in the future. Having quality, relevant training would seem like a logical step in the right direction.

Author: Paul Smithson

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