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This is growing collection of video resources that show some of the main topics covered by Project Management.

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Earned Value Analysis - Part 1

EVA - Part 2 (Cost Performance Index)

EVA - Part 3 (Cost/Scheduled/Time Variance)

EVA - Part 4 (Summary )

Earned Value Analysis is one of the most common techniques of performance measurement. It integrates cost, time, and scope metrics on a project. Colin Balchin of Adept Knowledge Management covers some of the principles of Earned Value Management.

This Topic is covered in greater depth on the following courses:

OPM, TPL, APMP, PPC, PMI and Applied PM(Oil & Gas)

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Applied Project Management (Oil & Gas) - Course Specification

In this video Colin Balchin explains the content of the Applied Project Management (Oil & Gas) course. This intensive five-day course is about the application of Project Management techniques and knowledge for the effective estimating, planning, managing and control of a project. It extends to identification, assessment and control of qualitative risks in the project-based enterprise..

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Float Trend Analysis - Pt. 1

In this Video Colin Balchin covers some of the principles of Float Trend Analysis. Float Trend Analysis is one of the most undervalued techniques of monitoring and control. It is unrelenting in its forecasting ability, if you're fairing badly in your project it will let you know.

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What makes a good Project Manager?

Ian Bell of Adept Knowledge Management discusses the attributes of a good Project Manager.

Is Project Management a transferable skill?

Ian Bell discusses whether the Project Management skill and techniques used in one profession are transferable between different industries.

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Adept's YouTube Channel

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