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Innovation tipped to be key for Scottish oil and gas industry progress


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Innovation will be key to progress in the Scottish oil and gas industry, it has been claimed.

David Rennie, who is head of oil and gas at Scottish Enterprise, has claimed that more innovative projects like the Inflation Support Tool will be needed to prevent a sharp future decline.

In an interview with, Rennie argued that it was particularly crucial to find more efficient methods of extracting oil.

He said: "It seems obvious but innovation is key to the industry. It's a mature sector. We're still finding new fields but they tend to be smaller and have less oil, so there is an emphasis on getting more out of those fields that we already have - getting more out of the sponge, if you like.

"It would be impossible to get 100 per cent recovery, but the recovery rate in the North Sea is about 40 per cent, so a lot of innovation is focused on increasing that rate." reports that unmanned production platforms are set to become the newest innovation in the North Sea.

The floating platforms, which operate in a similar way to the 'nodding donkey' rigs found in North America, are expected to begin producing oil from small offshore finds by 2016.

Author: Joe Elvin

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