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UK shale gas industry tipped to create over 100,000 jobs


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New research suggests growth in Britain's shale gas industry could lead to the creation of 100,000 jobs.

A report from Poyry Management Consulting believes the industry would be able to free up between 40,000-60,000 full-time jobs whilst employing many more people indirectly. says this estimate is the biggest yet, even eclipsing projections made by shale gas producer Cuadrilla in regards to the industry's true potential in job creation.

The company backed shale gas to create around 74,000 direct and indirect jobs, yet Poyry believes the industry is capable of employing a far greater number of people.

Cited by, John Williams, senior principal at Poyry, said these targets could be realised if Britain is able to produce around a third of the nation's shale gas needs.

He says that while this is realistic, most of the jobs will be delivered when UK production hits a peak in the 2030s. Significant production of shale gas is not set to take place until the mid-2020s and workers will have to be patient for the right jobs to crop up.  

Mr Williams went on to say the roles will be "highly skilled and highly paid" if trends in America are anything to go by.

Author: Richard Towey

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